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Paul Cumbie, Doll House, 1883 | Modeled after the Vanderbilt mansion at 660 Fifth Ave, New York

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Miniature…Tuesday!  (Didn’t quite finish these gifs yesterday for Miniature Monday.)

Advice from Polonius rendered as a miniature artist’s book and stored in a mini Globe Theater.

Hamlet. Act I. Scene III. Polonius’ P’s & Q’s / by Wm. Shakespeare ; as presented by Poole Press, 2002 ; [designed and produced by Maryline P. Adams]  Berkeley, Calif. : Poole Press, c2002.

Stop by and see, it’s in the Smith Miniatures Collection  PR2807.A3  P6 2002.

This post was referenced and this book was shown in our Live Stream today.  Missed the Live Stream?  You can still watch the “archived” video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVceEwlIFJs 

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雛百種(大正4年) - Japanese traditional doll plate,1915


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Margarethe Steiff, toy lamb, 19th century. Germany. Via Dorotheum

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want this tattooed on my thigh, but with her having more gibson girl hair piled up on her head

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Handmade Russian playing cards by a prison inmate

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