Goth trigger: When you first discover Poe wrote more than just The Raven, and it’s fucking incredible.

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❀ FELIZ DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS ❀ art by Paul Macmillan

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Good Morning!

The Rouchomovsky Skeleton: “The fully articulated human skeleton in a velvet-lined coffin. with three panels showing the course of life, one end with attributes of the arts, the other with attributes of war, the cover with the journey in the footsteps of the Angel of Death, surrounded by the faces of infants alternately laughing and crying.” via retronaut

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haroldlloydsFred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. “There’s never been anything like them, ever.” - Liza Minnelli

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This is my first (and so far, ONLY) double-sided dictionary pendant!  Available at my Etsy shop.

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Guys! Today’s the day! Classes begin at Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy, an institution for the fine art of finishing… others.

Follow on tumblr for lessons in both etiquette AND espionage as taught in Gail Carriger’s new steampunk adventure series, Finishing School.

Watch the video.

Preview the book.

Download the Finishing School tumblr theme for free!

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