The Pettibone Bros. Mfg. Co. Revolving Disc 'Sciopticon' (Cincinnati, Ohio), c. 1896.

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Victorian Spy Camera via Watchismo

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Antique Gold, Enamel and Diamond Skull Pocket Watch 1810


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Napoleon Bonaparte’s flintlock pistol (via pyrrhosrepublic).  Since this was probably more a decorative item, it would be worth starting a comic/cartoon about Napoleon just so he could be depicted using it to own royalists and Austrians and the like. Talk about giving them a whiff of grapeshot.

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Bought a life magazine from the 30’s only to find out there was an ad for a camera I bought recently! So Happy

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postcard, 1956

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Kitten & a Rolleiflex camera, 1961.

Look at those lovely things.

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Camera Hack: Jason Bognacki a folding camera made in 1919 to the front of his Canon 5D MarkII.

What’s even more amazing is that the photos that the nearly 100 year old lens shot are absolutely beautiful.

Nearly 100-Year-Old Folding Camera Hacked to a Canon 5D

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this is cool


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THE gift for your fashionable fella. Vintage WORKING Majestime Gold pocket watch w original chain. $100 at Old Made Good.

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Sun and moon horizontal   dial for latitudes 46°-50° North. The silvered compass at the centre has the cardinal points named in Latin and an arrow drawn on the compass bowl to indicate the magnetic variation at 10° West of North.  The upper section is marked with a scale of latitudes.  The base of the compass is engraved with tables of latitudes for different towns and cities around Europe . {early 18th century}

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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