Pendant in the form of a gold leaf

7th Century AD

Early Byzantine

(Source: The British Museum)

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Mermaid pendant, made in Austria or Hungary, 1850-1900 (source).

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Top left: The Torre Abbey Jewel 1540-50, Top right : Toothpick about 1620, Bottom : Ring 1550-1600, inscribed “Be Hold The Ende” and “Rather Death Than Fals Fayth” - x

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Box with shell, c.1600-25, England, silver and scallop shell, Ashmolean Museum.

From the Ashmolean: 

This is the only silver box of this form known to incorporate a real shell. Claw and ball feet and lion’s mask handles occur as early as 1589.

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Queensland Pearls

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia. (1893)

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Pendant with a female rider on a hippocamp, made in Spain in the late 16th century.

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A star sapphire cut en cabochon boasts a color not likely to be seen often. A gorgeous lilac hue is stupendous in a cabochon of an estimated 12.8 carats. Truly a one-of-a kind setting sets this personal adornment apart from the masses. One side depicts a realistically modeled and detailed relief image of a male lion and the other that of a female lion. Both of these magnificent royals of the jungle appear to be roaring as though protecting the gem as they would a litter. The male has placed a paw upon the sapphire as a signal of ownership. At the back of the shank their tails cross in unity and affiliation. This ring of 14k yellow gold was originally designed for a man but looks terrific on the hand of a woman. Date: Circa 1965.

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"This fantastic Victorian “poison ring” is 18k gold, with a central casket flanked by two ram’s heads (an occult symbol all their own). The casket, which is enameled in green and set with a large emerald, opens to reveal a sizeable inner chamber that would easily meet all your poison-storage needs.”

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1890s Scarab Beetle Brooch, 14K Gold, Green Paste / Erie Basin

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