Jugglers.    About 1900, Japan.  Hand-colored image.  MIA.

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Geigi Koiku and her Cat 1883

This colour lithograph shows Koiku of the Shitaya geisha district in Tokyo as a young geisha holding her pet cat. The lithograph is captioned 藝妓 (geigi) 小幾 (Koiku).

“… Koiku was the most beautiful geisha in Shitaya. And yet all Kojima did was eat the kinton which this beautiful geisha had carried in for him. Now Koiku is the wife of a famous politician belonging to a certain party.”  Text and image via Blue Ruin 1 on Flickr

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Kusakabe Kimbei 日下部 金兵衛 (1841-1934)

Itinerant candy seller - Hand coloured albumen print - 1890s

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 A geisha plays the shamisen c.1880s

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Bell Tower in Rain, Okayama, 1920

Kawase Hasui, 1883-1957

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Baron Raimund von Stillfried, Two Officers (Hand-coloured albumen silver photograph), Plate 4, c. 1875.

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Ryoun Michiyoshi, Tsuba in the form of an octopus, mid-19th century (source).

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Untei Sekine, Collection of small Rohdea japonica(detail), 1832

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Geiko and Maiko 1900 by Blue Ruin1 on Flickr.

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This is a large format Albumen photograph from around 1900, so it has great clarity and good resolution. As per usual, there are a few anomalies with the hand colouring, such as the Geiko’s Eri (inside collar) being painted blue when it should be white and the Maiko’s Kushi (hair comb) being painted pink when it is obviously made of tortoiseshell.

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