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Fingers of Fate - The Tightening Grip Unknown Date: ca. 1916 (via The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Fingers of Fate - The Tightening Grip)

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Nicky and Alexei; 1908

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Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo

July 6, 1907-July 13, 1954

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WW1 postcard showing Central Powers monarchs: Germany (Prussia), Austria-Hungary, Ottomans, Bulgaria - “Vereinte Kräfte führen zum Ziel” (United powers lead to the goal), 1918
The Central Powers (German: Mittelmächte; Hungarian: Központi hatalmak; Turkish: İttifak Devletleri or Bağlaşma Devletleri; Bulgarian: Централни сили, Tsentralni sili) were one of the two warring factions in World War I (1914–18), composed of the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Kingdom of Bulgaria. This alignment originated in the Triple Alliance, and fought against the Allied Powers that had formed around the Triple Entente.

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Frida Kahlo in New Mexico, 1951.

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