One of the first permanent mountaintop observatories is the Lick Observatory.  Built in 1888 by the Warner and Swasey Co., the telescope still sits in it’s original spot just east of San Jose and is still operating to this day. 

We recently visited the observatory and talked with Steve Vogt, an astronomy professor at UC Santa Cruz, who used to sneak into the observatory as a kid. 

Watch the video 

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Yesteryear’s stereotype-defiers: Kick-ass vintage public domain photos of women in science.

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Boda de Frida y Diego, 1929

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Tonight the OF spotlight falls on an esoteric figure: English-American illustrator Pamela Colman Smith - known for her work on the Rider-Waite Golden Dawn tarot card pack: Feb 16, 1878 - 1951…

Photo of Pixie, as PCS was commonly known, ca. 1912…

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Frida and Diego Playing Card

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Frida Kahlo in New York. Photo by Nickolas Muray, 1946

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Frida winking

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