Jugend (1898), Hans Christiansen

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Frog fingers

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These whimsical images come from the mind of Louis Crusius, a physician and artist who was born in Wisconsin and later moved to St. Louis, Missouri.  The Antikamnia Chemical Company used Crusius’ images in a series of calendars they published from 1897-1901, which they sent to physicians who could prove their medical standing.

The company, whose name means “opposed to pain,” was known for manufacturing a patent medicine called Antikamnia tablets.  Like most patent medicines of the time, the ingredients in the tablets could have ill effects - the tablets contained acetanilide, which could cause cyanosis (a condition in which the skin becomes blood due to insufficient oxygen).

Even more Crusius: The Antikamnia Chemical Company post on BibliOdyssey.

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Indian Matchbook Labels via Brain Pickings

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Clyde A. Copson (American; active 1910s–30s)
Illustration from A Day with Bum; and, The Smart Little Fish, a children’s book by Morris Wilson
[New York]: Board of Education of the City of New York, 1938
The New York Public Library, Rare Book Division

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