雛百種(大正4年) - Japanese traditional doll plate,1915


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雛百種(大正4年) - Japanese traditional doll plate,1915


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Lucille Grahn  in ‘Eoline, ou la Dryade’ (lithograph by Edward Morton, 1843

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Ancient ladies in Mianzhu New Year Painting, SiChuan, #China

四川绵竹年画 - 仕女图

Mianzhu New Year Painting is one of the four greatest New Year Paintings in #China. Putting New Year Paintings on the front doors of a house is one of many traditional ways to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival in many parts of China. In one such painting, the artists use water colors to draw figures like Fu Wa, wishing the little boy could bring fortune and good luck to the entire family in the coming year. Recently, some New Year Painting workshops in Mianzhu are opened to the visitors and general public so that they could have a closer look at the entire process of how artists are actually making the New Year Painting.


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Peking Opera 京剧人物

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Lang Shining (Guiseppe Castiglione)

Empress XiaoSheng Xian

Italy/China (1751)

Giuseppe Castiglione (simplified Chinese: 郎世宁; traditional Chinese: 郎世寧; pinyin: Láng Shìníng) (July 19, 1688 – July 17, 1766), was an Italian Jesuit lay brother who served as a missionary in China, where he became a painter at the court of the emperor.


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河鍋暁斎 「暁斎楽画」 Kyosai Kawanabe “Gyousai Rakuga”

明治十四年(1881) 乾坤 二冊 21.7 x 14.5
絵手本。 序文は漢学者蒲生重章の撰。 乾坤二冊に主として花鳥虫獣魚など彩色三十四図を収める。

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Ida Morris Jervey is perhaps better known as “the Mushroom Lady.” She was born in 1861 to Thomas Morris and Emma Forney. Her father was a minister so the family moved a bit before settling in North Carolina. In 1886, she married Francis Johnstone Jervey, a Charlestonian, the son of Theodore Dehon Jervey and Ann Hume Simons. The couple had four children and, sadly, only ten years together before he died of tuberculosis. She too had fallen ill but recovered. According to the family, this experience evolved into a driving interest in mushrooms as she studied them for their medicinal properties. She was considered an authority on the subject and would teach, write and edit in an attempt to pass on her knowledge. Ida died in 1938 but she has left quite the legacy as the artwork displayed here shows.

Learn more about Ida Jervey and other women naturalists active in Charleston in this past presentation by our archivist, Jennifer Scheetz.

EPHEMERA FRIDAY: Each Friday we post a selection or small collection from our Archives. Some items may be on exhibit, some may be too fragile to display and some may be too unusual to fit into our typical Lowcountry exhibit themes. We will occasionally ask for help identifying people or places in photographs that have come to us with little or no information. We hope you enjoy our selection each week – do let us know if there’s something in particular you’d like to see on EPHEMERA FRIDAY.

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