Les Diableries (Visite Du Soleil A Satan), Les Odaliques De Satan, La Biblioteque Infernale, Les Regates A Satanville, Les Cuisines De Satan.

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It’s Miniature Monday!

Here we have an Almanac for 1790 by the Company of Stationers.  This well-loved little volume comes in it’s own leather sleeve, complete with matching gold gilding.  The title page gives a helpful explanation: “The Almanack Explained.  Note that under the Title of every Month is the change of the Moon, & every Month contains three Columns, 1. Days of the Month 2 .Saints Days, &c. 3.Time of high water at London Bridge”.  We have many other almanac’s in our collection, including this mini featured here.  

The Company of Stationer’s Almanac, 1790.  Charlotte Smith Uncatalogued Miniature Collection.

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Vintage ric rac packaging, via Jeremy Pruitt.

oooooohs and  ahhhhhhhhs very cool

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This is my first (and so far, ONLY) double-sided dictionary pendant!  Available at my Etsy shop.

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AGS-034 Die Jungfrau mit dem Einhorn, 1c uhr Köln, 1475 - 1500 by petrus.agricola

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