Everyone, this weekend is your LAST CHANCE to check out "Illuminated Palaces." After Monday (Oct. 28), all those fantastic extra-illustrated books go off view and head back into the vaults. SO COME SEE THEM.

UPDATE: Ha! Just kidding. We’ve extended the exhibition to Nov. 18, so you have some extra time.

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Shokugaku keigen by Udagawa Yoan. Edo: Suharaya Ihachi, etc., 1837

The first edition was published in 1834. It is an introduction to botany written in kanbun(classical Chinese). It describes Linnaean taxonomy using 24 classes to classify plants by their roots and foliage and even covers such subjects as physiology and biochemistry. The illustrations from various Dutch books were used. It accompanies Shokugaku keigen zu with 21 color woodblock prints.

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Devil Tales

Virginia Frazer-Boyle
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1900

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black cat in green bed (by the ghost of me)

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国立国会図書館デジタル化資料 - 金銀圖録 6巻附言1巻

金銀圖録 6巻附言1巻 近藤守重 輯 1810年 序

※以下 芸艸堂 版 出版年不明

壹 正用品上 / 貳 正用品下 / 參 甲州品 / 肆 各國品 / 伍 尚古品 / 陸 玩賞品 / 柒 附言

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The Chansonnier Cordiforme (1470s), a cordiform music manuscript [Collection Henri de Rothschild MS 2973, in the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris]

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